Lab Work

At Sandbay Primary & Urgent Care Clinics, we care about our patients; your health and wellness for life are our highest priority. Some lab tests that are performed at Sandbay as a part of your diagnostic workup measure your general health, such as

CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel),

CBC (Complete Blood Count), or

Lipid Profile (Cholesterol); others may be more specialized,such as a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen),

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), or comprehensive STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) testing.

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Workers' Compensation

Sandbay Urgent Care, we understand your employee’s time and the time away from the job is valuable. All on-the-job injuries are seen on a walk-in basis at our clinics. Follow-up appointments are scheduled for your worker’s convenience.

There is no money collected from your employee. We just need the insurance name, claim number, and adjuster’s name. We will do the rest of the legwork for you.

We understand your need to keep the employee working, and it’s our goal to maintain that unless an extreme circumstance. We also understand the difference between reportable and non-reportable injuries.

Pre - Employment Physicals

Employment physical examinations may include physical examinations and health inquiries including drug and alcohol tests, psychological tests, and physical or mental health assessments.

More and more companies are now requiring preemployment exams from potential employees. Pre-employment physical exams are becoming the norm in many industries. Preemployment Physical Exams, Physical-Abilities-Tests (PATs), Executive Physicals and DOT/DMV/CDL Exams. . Some of these exams have to do with the nature of the job. For example, workers might be examined to confirm they are in good form and can perform jobs that are physically demanding.

Where can I get a pre-employment physical? And what does a pre-employment physical consist of? Call Sandbay today.

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Drug Testing

Employee drug and alcohol abuse can put your company at safety and financial risk. Many employers, even those not regulated, use Alcohol and Drug Screening as a tool to minimize the company’s risk. Sandbay Urgent Care can screen new employees pre-placement, randomly test current employees, or test an employee immediately after a worksite accident or injury (24-hours-a-day).


Respiratory Fit Testing

There are two types of fit tests: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative fit testing is a pass/fail test method that uses your sense of taste or smell or your reaction to an irritant in order to detect leakage into the respirator facepiece.

Sandbay performs respirator fit tests in compliance with the OSHA & the Department of Labor. We have the ability to perform qualitative fit tests for half mask respirators.

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